Protect your baby from being bitten in summer

ature gradually increased,
people love to wear thin Shanmei skirt and appearance,
but accompanied by a thing has come,
it is time to have a mosquito bite dike.
Are these stewardess a bite,
a piece of red,
itching was unable to stop,
but also the risk of malaria infected.
The most hateful is the mosquitoes most like bite,
or the baby's delicate skin.
In order to protect the baby and family,
the season of spring and summer mosquito law must display.
Common method: use mosquito net,
the advantage is better effect,
the drawback is the space inside mosquito net is lesser,
if the child's small arm or crus is stuck to mosquito net,
still can be attacked.
The mosquito repellent incense has the advantage of good mosquito repellent performance,
and the disadvantage is that it is slightly poison