[515] V movie screenings team recruitment open day Chongqing Railway Station

a quarter of an hour for WeChat ID:v_movier to feel about life.
In 2016,
the second V movie opening day,
we'll go to a city that's never been there before - Chongqing! Bayu Town,
is really a people coveted the city - whether scenery,
delicacy or woman are people,
look forward to the trip in sichuan.
At the same time,
we are looking forward to meeting with the V movie buddies here,
let us share a video of the spicy time.
The first V film of all time,
the opening day of Chongqing,
will be held in May 15th,
looking forward to your arrival! Mountain city,
here we come! Activities in this event include film screenings,
the director,
guests to share the three part.
We will be the 3 best short film screenings,
film screenings at the end of each director and producer,
will play with you