I'm your baby. I need you to hold it when I'm older

a small child,
Never mind body changes and mental age,
even if looks again,
but the heart is still a little baby,
you also need love and hug ~ when it like you like a baby,
you will not hesitate to hold it for a day will not see very miss only lying on you the arms it was relieved when only afraid of your comfort did fierce appearance but the actual harmless timid as a kitten and it doesn't need your love every hour and moment even if you are not too tired again to stick to you is this life the most important thing to see you will fall into your can't help.
Arms if you have such a big baby will be very happy! The fat golden lady was shy after shaving,
and kept holding on to the host.
The main silver will comfort it,
small lift is very beautiful,
it also brought a small hairpin,
ha ha ha