Daughter wants you to grow up to be a guy girl

women are always the theme of life,
we are the leading role,
not a supporting role.
Dress yourself is a woman's mind,
is a positive spirit,
is not a life of compromise momentum.
By Han Qingning bestie sister told me such a thing.
One day,
looking at her daughter in her arms for months,
she asked her husband,
what do you think of our daughter's future? Sister husband paused and said: she hopes to become a global man girl.
Girlfriends are satisfied with the answer.
I also like the answer.
I also hope that my daughter will grow up to be a girl.
All said,
men are afraid to choose the wrong line,
women are afraid of marrying the wrong man,
of course,
men are afraid of marrying the wrong daughter,
and women are afraid of choosing the wrong line.
But in comparison,
women are often th