[braised pork] I've done the best one

broccoli half (medium size),
6 slices of ginger,
garlic 3 petals,
light blue 1 star anise 4,
cinnamon 1 pieces,
dried chili 8,
sugar 15 grams,
30 grams of sugar,
salt 1 teaspoon (5 grams),
Yellow Wine 300ml 1) wash pork cut into square pieces 3cm garlic,
peeled and cut into slices.
2) cut the meat into a cold water pot,
cook it for 2 minutes,
remove the scum on the surface of the meat and drain the water.
3) into the oil pan with a small torch,
star anise,
dried chili stir incense (about 30 seconds),
add onions,
garlic to fry for 1 minutes,
then add pork,
into the fire,
stir fry the pork surface slightly yellow sheng.
4) hot wok add oil (about 60ml),
tune into the fire,
immediately add sugar,
until sugar dissolves slowly discoloration was maroon,
oil bubble into ve