There is a kind of love that can beat every grit

re from the 2007 movie starring Joe Odagiri Tokyo tower.
The film tells the story of the protagonist and the mother on half the story.
The first half is full of comic starts,
the latter half of the feeling without injury.
With the extraordinary will and sacrifice spirit,
the mother feels the best love in the world.
His works express the deep memory of the deceased mother in simple and real strokes.
When I started this article to write a pen,
in front of the first emerged out of my mother's appearance.
The night before,
when I went home to dinner,
I had the opportunity to look at her carefully: the double yellow spots covered her originally fair skin,
then a pair of drooping eyes,
and a crow's tail that had already overflowed.
She likes shrimp,
but that night she insisted I eat a whole pl