The chamber of Secrets poisoned the snare. It is said that only 5 of people can answer the question

a young widow living in the Jewish parish was found dead in the bed of her own room,
wearing pajamas.
It is inferred that her death time was about 9 last night,
the cause of death was potassium cyanate poisoning.
There are no containers for poison on the spot.
She did not leave a suicide note,
but the whole room was sealed,
much like suicide.
But Judaism forbids suicide.
The results of the investigation,
the day before the evening,
her brother,
also is my younger brother,
who had come to visit her.
Visiting about 7,
leaving at 9,
was sent by the dead to the gate.
That is to say,
the victim was also good.
How did she die? Want to see the answer?!! Please press the following two-dimensional code down down down selection,
identification of two-dimensional code figure,
free attention,