nt: Wang Ziwen today said the role of Qu Xiao Xiao although controversy,
but there will be turning in the following story.
There is no turning I don't know,
but the role of Xiao Xiao Qu is scold miserably is certain! Seeing the Ode to joy story has played 2/3,
each role has become very sharp,
22 floor,
five beauty is also was condemning to drown.
In the first few episodes,
the biggest controversy was the role of Qiu Yingying.
A lovely white Zhanan,
good sisters how to persuade her not to listen.
Be calculated by the slag man,
there is no brain in the company make a scene.
Her personality lets the manager dare not use her again,
unemployed and lovelorn.
Stupid Qiu Yingying ready to use the successful self-help book revival,
Andy said like this book for her reading now,
but Qiu Yingying do