[God,] off!

pened and the room attendant brought someone to visit the room.
I was preparing to take a bath.
In May 1st,
Sina micro-blog users 12345 sisters in micro-blog post,
tells the story of his stay in a hotel in Deyang,
encountered the door was opened by the room attendant,
his privacy was violated.
/ / according to 12345 sister,
she arrived in Deyang in late April 30th of this hotel,
9 at night,
and she just bestie off the phone,
take off clothes ready to take a bath,
suddenly the door opened,
the room attendant with the guests to visit the room,
I was already naked.
The hotel attendant doesn't knock at the door.
He doesn't ask if there are any people.
He opens the door directly with a card.
Is this a hotel like this? Serious violations of consumer privacy.
The hotel said the comm