Do you believe there is God in the world?

ieve there is a God in the world? Tucao bacteria do not believe! But the hand of nature is so beautiful.
Although we live in the world,
we haven't seen many natural landscapes for the first time.
We still feel like aliens! Down down down the British winter,
tens of thousands of starlings form a stunning shape in Tanzania Lake Natron is a salt lake,
a mineral rich hot springs,
East Africa 2 million 500 thousand flamingos gathered here lenticular clouds are lenticular clouds formed in the troposphere,
the specific shape of them,
sometimes mistaken for UFO in the round of geological structure the middle of the Sahara desert,
the diameter of more than 30 miles,
known as the African eye,
nobody knows the confluence of Lake Maracaibo and the Venezuela how it formed through the Bo River,
is fam