Did not expect the diapers unexpectedly also can be used long exposure

birth of a child will buy a lot of adult diapers,
not throw a pity,
it has other uses? We will pack ---- ---- Step1 diapers cut open,
remove the inside of the hydrogel.
Put in a large bowl and pour on the water to make it swell.
We will Step2 hydrogel in sealed bags,
frozen into the refrigerator overnight,
temporary ice is made.
---- ---- Step1 we will pot pot into a large bowl,
add equal amount of clay and hydrogel,
evenly mixing by hand.
Step2 we will stir in the mixed soil tile at the bottom of the flowerpot,
and then into the plant,
around filled with mud mixed with water after.
You will fall into the seed germination of the hybrid hydrogels in the soil,
watering after a week,
the seeds will germinate.
We will clear the soil around the roots of knives and spoons inserted into the