Chen Yao Wang Han is taking over the first 97 years of this collection of Joker small meat is not generally

e big bang entertainment original manuscript,
authorized reprint please reply reproduced may end up in the background,
if yesterday is used to adjust the state,
then today,
should have been completely restored to normal rhythm of life.
I'd like to wish you all 54 happy youth day.
It is worth mentioning that during the holiday,
a new film was released -- the dream partner.
Each of them is a relatively big wrist,
Chen Yao,
Lei Hao,
Tang Yan,
Aaron Kwok,
Li Chen.
The plot is also very simple,
about the town girl,
Lu Zhen Zhen,
the strong woman Wen Qing,
and the money worship female,
Gu Gu,
three different age stages of the woman,
about youth,
entrepreneurial inspirational story.
And China partner a bit like Kazakhstan,
but changed into a female version.
The story itself do