What about the tech companies that have angered the world in history?

one can know.
many well-known technology companies have angered the world.
The sound of gunfire at that time was not inferior to that of today.
What happened to them? Xtecher original author: Wang Wenbin,
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Tencent 3Q war during the 4 year-end ended Tencent Pyrrhic victory as defeat in October 16,
the Supreme People's Court on Qihoo v.
Tencent Inc monopoly dispute appeal final verdicts,
dismissed all the Qihoo's request,
maintain the judgment of the court of first instance.
3Q war verdict text of up to 7.
4 words,
described in detail the legal standards.
So far,
the 3Q war,
which lasted many years,
finally came to an end.
The trial of the case has set the benchmark for competition rules and antitrust stand