Twelve constellation male Mensao index

e cold,
internal heat,
will make you more exciting? ARIES: Aries Mensao index: 20% boys and Mensao seems to not touch.
He is lively and enthusiastic,
pursues fresh stimulation,
but has a delicate heart.
When he shows up in front of you,
he's really interested in you.
At this time,
please do not silence again,
like the enthusiasm that you Aries,
he will soon start to your strong pursuit.
Solution: grasp the heart of woman neither friendly nor aloof,
Taurus Mensao index: 92% boys shy introverted,
even a stomach tenderness,
his face is still a silly expression.
But don't be fooled by his appearance.
He's really romantic.
Show in front of you more stiff,
the more he love you.
As long as you use eyes give him positive hint,
his confidence will be ignited,
sweet blu