Song Xiao Xiao and Fan Shengmei have what than they are you anyway.

happy song launched,
the major public number with the news network,
every night on the line,
fancy song,
ah ~ ~ scared,
I feel I am not worth watching this kind of high-quality TV drama ah.
Until recently all tear X war come well suddenly,
with the role of role of a pile of mutual tear even,
even the author is from the end of various suspended skinner.
I think the Ode to joy as not too happy oh ~ which is certainly the most concentrated fire song Xiao voile and Fan Shengmei dispute,
after all,
even my favorite Mobile Games are not limited to ask who began to open handicap,
you support me on,
Xiao Xiao Qu support or Fan Shengmei this is to become the year 2016 mate the standard? My friend replied,
you choose your position,
your position that you visit ah ~ on,
my IQ is not f