Publicity on the WeChat public number for the twenty-first Century Economic Report

nty-first Century economic report of WeChat's public number of publicity by the end of May 4,
the media approved and certified media WeChat public account has 10,
respectively as follows: Serial category name 1 official WeChat twenty-first Century economic report 2 official WeChat investment 3 Official WeChat finance 3 minutes of 4 twenty-first Century 5 WeChat official Business Review official WeChat 21 money smell collect 6 Official WeChat 21 7 official WeChat financial search company Fastcompany 8 official WeChat company official 9 WeChat cityzine 10 official WeChat City Pictorial - floating city will hereby remind the majority of Internet users recognize the media,
the public media run by WeChat,
to prevent the media false misleading posing as public deception,