Play art, not to mention that you haven't been to the International Art Festival in Seto

the third Seto International Art Festival curtain opened,
attracting millions of tourists around the world to visit.
This period of the festival to the sea rights as the theme,
invited 220 well-known artists from Japan and overseas,
the Arts Festival in spring,
summer and autumn is the three exhibition of 108 days of wonderful trip.
The spring season begins with the vernal equinox,
from March 20th to April 17th; the summer season opens from the day of the sea,
from July 18th to September 4th; the autumn extension lasts from October 8th to November 6th.
In this quiet and free Seto inland sea,
heavy traffic,
away from the noisy bustling city,
you will experience a dozen island style charm and rich cultural atmosphere,
roaming in the perfect combination of art and nature of dreams .