Management software transformation depends on grandstanding, it is better to learn Cang teacher

ntertainment there is an unwritten rule,
rely on the star scandal to win media attention,
do not know from what time,
management software also began to take the entertainment line,
rely on the show to attract the attention of the industry,
is the management software market really has to end? Is the autumn grasshopper,
the last fight? Three hit play some fatigue on four May 2014 Youth Day,
Kingdee PC computer head Xu Shaochun will hit,
he relies on a mobile phone or mobile roaming.
Xu Shaochun said: all the industry finally can do to abandon the PC side.
Then Kingdee PC version of the software can be sold,
and I do not know Kingdee has not added new PC equipment in the past two years.
For the year Xu move,
T brother also very admire his courage,
although show ingredients too many,
but at