Interesting today beginning this summer you should do the most ready...

May 5th,
the summer was separated,
and it officially entered the summer.
Are you ready for the hot season? If not,
we'll help you with it.
It's good to look down! Don't bother me.
I may have May.
no spirit,
what do not want to do.
my God! Japanese pop over hot word May in fact we say it.
In the spring and summer of May,
because the gap between ideals and reality,
and interpersonal relationship has not reached a predetermined state,
and coupled with 51 holiday syndrome after tired easily tired of emotional problems.
loss of interest,
lack of energy,
pessimism and low self evaluation are all common symptoms.
So here comes the question,
do you have any treatment? Don't worry,
the key is how to say 1.
summer 2.
summer climate features 3.