If you have rhinitis, leave it. If a friend has a rhinitis, just give it to him

s an inflammatory disease of the nasal cavity.
It is inflammation of the nasal mucosa caused by viruses,
various physical and chemical factors,
and certain systemic diseases.
The main pathological changes of rhinitis are congestion,
atrophy or necrosis of nasal mucosa.
Here are some remedies: 1 saline nasal wash for rhinitis cure my rhinitis I have rhinitis for years,
has lost the confidence of cure.
My last one: preparation of saline (100 ml bottle put two teaspoons of salt,
boiling water dilution),
use a toothpick to roll on a cotton ball dipped in salt water to wash the nostrils,
and then put the cotton wool or the persistence of the nostrils,
head upward or body flat,
with the index finger and thumb on both sides of the