Heart simple, single is simple

play music,
it has to accompany you to read.
Do a simple person,
have their own heart,
have their own principles,
to elegant turn,
please take care of yourself,
don't let it easily falling around her; please go their own way,
don't let it die twist,
the journey of life! Someone once asked me,
who is the right person for you? I said.
Give it to time.
! Time is long,
many problems,
in order to know who is sincere to you! Friends,
regardless of gender,
friends regardless of height,
talk to friends on the line,
regardless of distance,
have a heart on the line,
friends regardless of beauty and ugliness,
can see people,
regardless of wealth,
or on the line,
no matter where,
when it is difficult to reach out and help you,
this is friends.
There is no one who can not do without,