Fall in love with the husband of the students, should follow the tradition, live or divorce, live for yourself?

seek your hide! This thing sounds very shameful,
I to know with my husband,
married life is dull,
not a little fuel every day,
the feeling of love.
A few days ago my husband their college classmate party,
is in another city,
I go with him,
he had a friend come over and say hello at the time,
I really love at first sight,
the eye cannot do without him,
he will see a little anxious.
After dinner he moved to KTV,
the husband drank,
his brothers had always talked to me,
if I did not mean a person,
take the time to help me get my husband back to the hotel,
we add a contact,
with pauses to chat,
my heart really is the kind of feel,
he did not marry,
I never felt like this before,
met such a love is not easy,
but I have a family,
I don't know what to do,
while the dull marriage,
if the divo