Ben four

in addition to the beginning of summer,
there is a particularly important day,
brother 18,
in fact,
my birthday wish is not a luxury,
is the QQ who gave me the whole world sugar Wangzai 18th anniversary celebration of what,
ten thousand people become,
after all,
brother of the house is small,
many people will not fit,
Lao Wang to yourself today the setting is this: early morning,
fans in front of the car in the flowers villa brother,
some crazy female fans to yishenxiangxu,
desperately to Lao Wang's bed crowded,
because such as brother brother that set a beautiful and talented entrepreneurial idol is not much.
old Wang about one million fans,
actually all is dead powder,
let me the 2016 ranked second in the red net,
too much to handle,
red envelopes are not actual