[515] V movie screenings team recruitment open day Chongqing Railway Station

a quarter of an hour for WeChat ID:v_movier to feel about life.
In 2016,
the second V movie opening day,
we'll go to a city that's never been there before - Chongqing! Bayu Town,
is really a people coveted the city - whether scenery,
delicacy or woman are people,
look forward to the trip in sichuan.
At the same time,
we are looking forward to meeting with the V movie buddies here,
let us share a video of the spicy time.
The first V film of all time,
the opening day of Chongqing,
will be held in May 15th,
looking forward to your arrival! Mountain city,
here we come! Activities in this event include film screenings,
the director,
guests to share the three part.
We will be the 3 best short film screenings,
film screenings at the end of each director and producer,
will play with you

The person I care about, you really mean a lot to me

o see you as an important to you talk about a heart for you to leave space for you to miss another good lover could not resist the challenge again lies solid feeling was not indifferent to out of heart pain very sincere when no one really pay.
Very heavy afraid without being seen to trust you for a peace of mind to give you his heart do not arbitrarily perfunctory delivery to your heart don't ignore friends not to miss the day miss your lover is really precious rare trust,
trust first bought the precious friend cherish true feelings

Protect your baby from being bitten in summer

ature gradually increased,
people love to wear thin Shanmei skirt and appearance,
but accompanied by a thing has come,
it is time to have a mosquito bite dike.
Are these stewardess a bite,
a piece of red,
itching was unable to stop,
but also the risk of malaria infected.
The most hateful is the mosquitoes most like bite,
or the baby's delicate skin.
In order to protect the baby and family,
the season of spring and summer mosquito law must display.
Common method: use mosquito net,
the advantage is better effect,
the drawback is the space inside mosquito net is lesser,
if the child's small arm or crus is stuck to mosquito net,
still can be attacked.
The mosquito repellent incense has the advantage of good mosquito repellent performance,
and the disadvantage is that it is slightly poison

The five most important investments in your life are never thrown in the wrong direction

t investment in life is not a house,
not a stock,
it's a man.
The second biggest investment in life is time.
The third biggest investment in life is health.
The fourth biggest investment in life is industry.
The fifth biggest investment in life is a mate.
We focus on the following top public number,
accumulate experience,
easy work! At at at the global film information network ID:glofilm long by two-dimensional code recognition attention to create a global aggregation platform and interactive information,
the movie critic,
welcome to cooperate and contribute or invite me to participate in the premiere,
will meet! Tour trip ID:yaltu-app long by two-dimensional code recognition attention tour trip,
travel entertainment technology experts that ID:yulequannadianshi long by two-dimensional

There were people that I got sister I was moved

Author: Zhang box editor @ Chen Yuanfeng cartoonist Chen Yuanfeng's father and daughter everyday full of fatherly love is simply a warm burst anyway,
I was moved to France since the birth of a monkey,
then try to do the tree!

A 15 year old boy who made a spectacular miniature world

what were you doing when you were 15 years old? In school,
in puppy love,
or in play? We first take a look at these mini you may be surprised to! You but when you know these mini from a 15 - year-old boy when you will be more shocked!!! So the boy named Zeev Huff (ZevHoover) from Massachusetts Natick town so his mini photographs on the Internet set off a wave of frenzy so the creative ideas and the image quality of the control force caused a lot of attention to their professional photographers the boy genius to give a lot of praise so Zev works mostly in the natural environment in the creation of beautiful soft light through the late figures will be scaled down to create a fairy tale world so many miniature works express a lonely mood is probably because Zev did not

Wang Ziwen of joy is 10 months older than Tang Yan, shocked?

it's Wednesday today! In two days,
we'll be able to wave again! Even if he doesn't like the little wave wife,
he must have watched the latest fire drama Ode to joy at home.
Yesterday's gossip summary,
there is a little wife broke the news that Wang Ziwen suspected of having a son (transmission door: White Lotus star play big name! Tao Tao forgot the account number,
he gave himself confession,
act like a spoiled brat! Of course,
this is an unconfirmed gossip.
(do we need to check?) But today,
with everyone 8th Qu Xiao Xiao Wang Ziwen,
is honest about her real age through the clouds! Please look at the details of the program: (no traffic is not convenient to see the little wife directly see the text show!) Speaking of Wang Ziwen,
perhaps not all people know that her former name is Wang M

The U.S. group public comment that there are 688 19 year old girls pick erotic services group purchase

family separation,
the food and drink has been developed to the acme of the United States group and the public comment group,
decided to carry out new business together! The US group is suspected of selling erotic services by way of group buying! I didn't even know it! The Iran supreme single SPA package,
the single supreme net spirit SPA package,
688 yuan,
888 yuan,
1188 yuan,
1688 yuan,
2980 yuan price variety selection,
Feng Jian by Oh ~ see this,
I quickly put the uninstall beauty loaded back for many years! How to find a variety of stores,
online and so on,
urgent! This business is booming in a trance,
now how to poke out of it? The old driver stepped back,
it was like this! Why are you always in the parking lot? In April 20th,
police receiv

Open a moving flower shop and bring the beauty to the streets

| as general industrial design station (ID:iamdesign) the shop owner authorized to release and reprint please contact the author florist is always dream of every girl heart,
every day is a riot of colours around the flowers is a very romantic thing.
But lots of site lease,
renovation costs and so on so many people are discouraged,
only dare to think about in the mind,
then how can to achieve this little dream,
as long as there is a car with car wheels are free to open a flower shop whenever and wherever possible.
The flowers moved into the carriages and drove to the bustling market streets.
A moving flower shop came into being and opened the door to sell flowers.
The air was overflowing with flowers.
Pedestrians on the street slowed down and were attracted to the flower shop to stop

[will] Beijing Railway Station lunatic factions within three years who can fresh game player moves

ck the arrow at the bottom of the read the registration of participants.
[will] two Beijing Railway Station lunatic fresh game player,
who can decide within three years? [meeting] is the next line of fresh subversion of the Internet,
or the next line of fresh transformation and upgrading success? Fresh food industry is very special,
not only has a lot of shelf-life,
storage methods of different categories,
but also has a long history of evolution.
What sparks will the Internet system and the role of thinking spark in this industry? In the next 3 years,
will the overall industry pattern change? Billion state power network invited a number of fresh,
fresh line chiefs to discuss the prospect and trend of fresh industry in the future.
[place] time,
Friday May 6,
2016 13:00 - 18:00 B

In the name of knowledge, recommend these books touching the soul

all 01 mountains mountains sounds straight broken sky,
it has always been the focus of the occurrence of a small town in the northeast of things,
depicting a group of ordinary little people,
the mentality of remodeling their ordinary and tortuous.
The novel does not have a vivid description of the protagonist and the magnificent social panorama,
nor does it contain the great epoch purport of all things,
but depicts the private life track of a small character.
Although there is no specific absolute center of the protagonist,
but everyone appears inside is labeled with a distinctive personality of the main body.
In the complex social jungle in the town of Castle County and light,
these distinctive characters like the complex jungle activities of the protagonist,
every little story togeth

Zhang Yaojie, Professor of Beijing University during the period of Republic of China had the storm

the Chinese Department of Peking University Students click [you] to see blue Highlights - ID:ipress Qian,
Zhou Zuoren,
Sun Fuyuan abstract membership of a particular department,
set by public platform morning side engrave for the New Youth old man Wu Yu's siege,
both the reasonable composition of academic debate also,
the old traditional literati Chinese partisan factions inside.
April 9,
morning side engrave to Chen signed published articles,
focusing on Peking University Chinese Department Professor Wu Yu Wu Wu signed the first twenty-seven to Yu Jiao erotic poetry,
which is full of Jasper and cowardly hold Lang,
play shuttlecock throwing streamer powder.
Long known sex sweet taste,
good taste ; Pro divided dates I studied,
Fu skin beauty,
jade snow spirit,

Daughter wants you to grow up to be a guy girl

women are always the theme of life,
we are the leading role,
not a supporting role.
Dress yourself is a woman's mind,
is a positive spirit,
is not a life of compromise momentum.
By Han Qingning bestie sister told me such a thing.
One day,
looking at her daughter in her arms for months,
she asked her husband,
what do you think of our daughter's future? Sister husband paused and said: she hopes to become a global man girl.
Girlfriends are satisfied with the answer.
I also like the answer.
I also hope that my daughter will grow up to be a girl.
All said,
men are afraid to choose the wrong line,
women are afraid of marrying the wrong man,
of course,
men are afraid of marrying the wrong daughter,
and women are afraid of choosing the wrong line.
But in comparison,
women are often th

[braised pork] I've done the best one

broccoli half (medium size),
6 slices of ginger,
garlic 3 petals,
light blue 1 star anise 4,
cinnamon 1 pieces,
dried chili 8,
sugar 15 grams,
30 grams of sugar,
salt 1 teaspoon (5 grams),
Yellow Wine 300ml 1) wash pork cut into square pieces 3cm garlic,
peeled and cut into slices.
2) cut the meat into a cold water pot,
cook it for 2 minutes,
remove the scum on the surface of the meat and drain the water.
3) into the oil pan with a small torch,
star anise,
dried chili stir incense (about 30 seconds),
add onions,
garlic to fry for 1 minutes,
then add pork,
into the fire,
stir fry the pork surface slightly yellow sheng.
4) hot wok add oil (about 60ml),
tune into the fire,
immediately add sugar,
until sugar dissolves slowly discoloration was maroon,
oil bubble into ve

His colleagues were purged. Why was he able to send off the two leader?

as the last marshal of the Korean people's army,
and Li Yixue stood firmly on Kim Il-Sung's side in all his political struggles,
and his colleagues were purged,
and he sent off his two leader in a lifetime.
North Korea ranks system complex,
there are Shuai,
a total of 23.
The handsome officer into the Grand Marshal,
marshal of the three level,
and marshal marshal of Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the Korean people's army of marshal.
The former only awarded Kim Il-Sung,
Kim Jong-il,
Kim Jeong-eun three,
Wu Zhenyu,
Cui Guang,
Li Yixuesan,
the only person awarded.
On November 8,
the Korean Central News Agency released the death of Li Yixue,
the people's army marshal.
After Li Yixue's death,
North Korea had no people's army marshal

This is the awkwardness of capital

re from friends of beans @ magic cloud beast launched online activities,
which is the embarrassment of capital.
Share the embarrassing experiences in life that make people laugh and cry! A @ @ @ run wild dream north @ 33 Niang Da sha.
@ @viennavirus @Unicorn @ Ling Bai's false Komaki @ Xu crazy @ @leave_fox @ quiet child fish @ No @ bear in a quiet room for two live @ Jiang Qiang Qiang Qiang long press under the two-dimensional code to download the watercress App,
and interesting people to do something interesting!

I'm your baby. I need you to hold it when I'm older

a small child,
Never mind body changes and mental age,
even if looks again,
but the heart is still a little baby,
you also need love and hug ~ when it like you like a baby,
you will not hesitate to hold it for a day will not see very miss only lying on you the arms it was relieved when only afraid of your comfort did fierce appearance but the actual harmless timid as a kitten and it doesn't need your love every hour and moment even if you are not too tired again to stick to you is this life the most important thing to see you will fall into your can't help.
Arms if you have such a big baby will be very happy! The fat golden lady was shy after shaving,
and kept holding on to the host.
The main silver will comfort it,
small lift is very beautiful,
it also brought a small hairpin,
ha ha ha

What kind of experience is it that a girl is dirty?

The new machine Meizu spy exposure is MX6 or metal2

l conference three bursts,
many people are looking forward to Meizu's next product MX6,
the aircraft will be equipped with MediaTek Helio X20 ten nuclear processor,
or equipped with 4000mAh large battery.
there are online fans exposure of the two suspected MX6 spy,
and that this mobile phone screen size is 5.
5 inches.
From the picture,
the suspected MX6 mobile phone does not use Pro and 6 as the back design,
but is still a metal body three section type design,
the camera around the outside of a circle or flash,
below may be laser focusing module.
In addition,
in the National Quality Certification Center released 3C certification list,
Meizu has two models for L681M and L681Q new machine through the certification.
its charger model is the same as Meizu MX4 and other

nt: Wang Ziwen today said the role of Qu Xiao Xiao although controversy,
but there will be turning in the following story.
There is no turning I don't know,
but the role of Xiao Xiao Qu is scold miserably is certain! Seeing the Ode to joy story has played 2/3,
each role has become very sharp,
22 floor,
five beauty is also was condemning to drown.
In the first few episodes,
the biggest controversy was the role of Qiu Yingying.
A lovely white Zhanan,
good sisters how to persuade her not to listen.
Be calculated by the slag man,
there is no brain in the company make a scene.
Her personality lets the manager dare not use her again,
unemployed and lovelorn.
Stupid Qiu Yingying ready to use the successful self-help book revival,
Andy said like this book for her reading now,
but Qiu Yingying do

Chen Yao Wang Han is taking over the first 97 years of this collection of Joker small meat is not generally

e big bang entertainment original manuscript,
authorized reprint please reply reproduced may end up in the background,
if yesterday is used to adjust the state,
then today,
should have been completely restored to normal rhythm of life.
I'd like to wish you all 54 happy youth day.
It is worth mentioning that during the holiday,
a new film was released -- the dream partner.
Each of them is a relatively big wrist,
Chen Yao,
Lei Hao,
Tang Yan,
Aaron Kwok,
Li Chen.
The plot is also very simple,
about the town girl,
Lu Zhen Zhen,
the strong woman Wen Qing,
and the money worship female,
Gu Gu,
three different age stages of the woman,
about youth,
entrepreneurial inspirational story.
And China partner a bit like Kazakhstan,
but changed into a female version.
The story itself do

Honey, accidentally seen in the cell phone

u the truth,
I'm so cheap that I'm afraid of myself! At at at at long press the QR code concerns go by reply unlock or Joe lock screen can get all the lock screen wallpaper HD no watermark! At

Do you believe there is God in the world?

ieve there is a God in the world? Tucao bacteria do not believe! But the hand of nature is so beautiful.
Although we live in the world,
we haven't seen many natural landscapes for the first time.
We still feel like aliens! Down down down the British winter,
tens of thousands of starlings form a stunning shape in Tanzania Lake Natron is a salt lake,
a mineral rich hot springs,
East Africa 2 million 500 thousand flamingos gathered here lenticular clouds are lenticular clouds formed in the troposphere,
the specific shape of them,
sometimes mistaken for UFO in the round of geological structure the middle of the Sahara desert,
the diameter of more than 30 miles,
known as the African eye,
nobody knows the confluence of Lake Maracaibo and the Venezuela how it formed through the Bo River,
is fam

[God,] off!

pened and the room attendant brought someone to visit the room.
I was preparing to take a bath.
In May 1st,
Sina micro-blog users 12345 sisters in micro-blog post,
tells the story of his stay in a hotel in Deyang,
encountered the door was opened by the room attendant,
his privacy was violated.
/ / according to 12345 sister,
she arrived in Deyang in late April 30th of this hotel,
9 at night,
and she just bestie off the phone,
take off clothes ready to take a bath,
suddenly the door opened,
the room attendant with the guests to visit the room,
I was already naked.
The hotel attendant doesn't knock at the door.
He doesn't ask if there are any people.
He opens the door directly with a card.
Is this a hotel like this? Serious violations of consumer privacy.
The hotel said the comm

The chamber of Secrets poisoned the snare. It is said that only 5 of people can answer the question

a young widow living in the Jewish parish was found dead in the bed of her own room,
wearing pajamas.
It is inferred that her death time was about 9 last night,
the cause of death was potassium cyanate poisoning.
There are no containers for poison on the spot.
She did not leave a suicide note,
but the whole room was sealed,
much like suicide.
But Judaism forbids suicide.
The results of the investigation,
the day before the evening,
her brother,
also is my younger brother,
who had come to visit her.
Visiting about 7,
leaving at 9,
was sent by the dead to the gate.
That is to say,
the victim was also good.
How did she die? Want to see the answer?!! Please press the following two-dimensional code down down down selection,
identification of two-dimensional code figure,
free attention,

Japan decided to further relax visa conditions, the 75 colleges and universities students will benefit

e from the Embassy of Japan in China micro-blog according to the Embassy of Japan in China micro-blog news: in April 30th,
the foreign minister's visit to China and the shore field on the foreign minister talks with Wang Yi's foreign minister,
that the Japanese government decided to further relax the conditions for a visa to visit Japan Chinese.
The main contents are as follows: 1.
the Ministry of foreign affairs to expand bilateral personnel between day in exchange for Chinese the multiple entry visa to Japan and some students visa to Japan,
will take further extend the validity of the visa and relaxation of visa issuance conditions measures.
The 2.
decided to include the following: multiple entry visas for business purpose applicants and scholars,
visas will extend from the longest 5 ye

Did not expect the diapers unexpectedly also can be used long exposure

birth of a child will buy a lot of adult diapers,
not throw a pity,
it has other uses? We will pack ---- ---- Step1 diapers cut open,
remove the inside of the hydrogel.
Put in a large bowl and pour on the water to make it swell.
We will Step2 hydrogel in sealed bags,
frozen into the refrigerator overnight,
temporary ice is made.
---- ---- Step1 we will pot pot into a large bowl,
add equal amount of clay and hydrogel,
evenly mixing by hand.
Step2 we will stir in the mixed soil tile at the bottom of the flowerpot,
and then into the plant,
around filled with mud mixed with water after.
You will fall into the seed germination of the hybrid hydrogels in the soil,
watering after a week,
the seeds will germinate.
We will clear the soil around the roots of knives and spoons inserted into the

Yang Zi, Wang Yuan, Wu Yifan, the first look up champion, you picked SEI

opular micro-blog fancy roll over eye contest,
so orange Jun summed up the best turn over the eyes of the elite.
Let's see who can look out of the sky and dig out the universe! Jiang Xin rolled her eyes as a sister,
Hua Fei's eyes already had a God,
not a later roll tutorial.
How can I forget the small handle bar over white eyes,
our sister S.
Xiao people have remember  the show was later period,
people's eyes Xiao dominated fear.
Bea Hayden will roll off beauty.
Di Ali Gerba found no,
the longer the more good-looking people,
the more no burden.
Ruby Lin see a lot of this estimate to cry in the toilet.
Wu Qian this supercilious look,
orange Jun to full marks,
not afraid of your pride.
Wang Ziwen form,
are you get here?.
Yang Zi,
we Yang Zi shoes have been completely

Actor, do not shoot the blurred picture of the eyes, otherwise properly become a male advertising

l this love beans eyes drifting blurred portrait is very handsome,
very beautiful,
very handsome,
male hospital do really special times such as the original meow is Mike so deep in our doctor's a pair of clever men became so filled with stories of Xiao Li is not who you are.
The key is to have good eyes,
Wang Leehom secret sorrow male male Wu Qilong there is no trace of PS advertising a strong feeling of prostate less what to brain up Jacky Cheung's face where the black powder in this beggar? Luhan saw after the heart is male hospital and actor collapse to carry out close cooperation at the same time gynecological hospital is not far behind.
Don't beat actress sighs of smile portrait or.
For the infringement of portrait rights violations we must resolutely resist (mus

There is a kind of love that can beat every grit

re from the 2007 movie starring Joe Odagiri Tokyo tower.
The film tells the story of the protagonist and the mother on half the story.
The first half is full of comic starts,
the latter half of the feeling without injury.
With the extraordinary will and sacrifice spirit,
the mother feels the best love in the world.
His works express the deep memory of the deceased mother in simple and real strokes.
When I started this article to write a pen,
in front of the first emerged out of my mother's appearance.
The night before,
when I went home to dinner,
I had the opportunity to look at her carefully: the double yellow spots covered her originally fair skin,
then a pair of drooping eyes,
and a crow's tail that had already overflowed.
She likes shrimp,
but that night she insisted I eat a whole pl

Easy DIY high value origami gift box

love hand to make a living in May 8th mother's Day gift it installed).
) and (E) copyright statement: the original love manual editing,
please contact our submission / reprint please contact: zeming@aishougong.
com love handmade a life long press below > &gt two-dimensional code recognition figure; focus on love Manual: click the read course come at *^_^*

If you don't agree, you'll give the Lakers ten assists in the first round of the playoffs

mes to curry hook long Le Fu conveying shells James hit the ball JR the hands behind the back pass special dunk Sao Thomas air operations complete video recommendation,
5 T-shirt sale again Kobe retired collection of commemorative T-shirt,
five models for your choice: a premium price of 128 yuan a limited number,
sold out so far,
the number is too small,
please choose a code to buy back keywords T-shirt can be purchased online button click on read the original purchase online

Jiaduobao case revelation customer video pot of gold, the strength of the mind like thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers dry cargo

rhetoric launched JDB pot of gold will be a success,
a year after the prediction came true,
behind this Chinese enterprise upgrading strategy and perfect case story and consider how? Some time ago,
we recommended a Sohu finance interview with Deng Delong video,
the response was very warm.
In order to meet the needs of the majority of users to explore and thinking process to jiaduobao ups and development,
the general manager,
Trout Chinese JDB annual strategic consultant company Mr.
Deng Delong in April 20th last year,
jiaduobao pot of gold in April 20th this year and the launch of jiaduobao pot of gold celebration 1st Anniversary speech gathering arrangement,
the convenience of the reader two video contrast,
get a different harvest.
Deng Delong: why launched a pot of gold jiaduobao time

Ben four

in addition to the beginning of summer,
there is a particularly important day,
brother 18,
in fact,
my birthday wish is not a luxury,
is the QQ who gave me the whole world sugar Wangzai 18th anniversary celebration of what,
ten thousand people become,
after all,
brother of the house is small,
many people will not fit,
Lao Wang to yourself today the setting is this: early morning,
fans in front of the car in the flowers villa brother,
some crazy female fans to yishenxiangxu,
desperately to Lao Wang's bed crowded,
because such as brother brother that set a beautiful and talented entrepreneurial idol is not much.
old Wang about one million fans,
actually all is dead powder,
let me the 2016 ranked second in the red net,
too much to handle,
red envelopes are not actual

Play art, not to mention that you haven't been to the International Art Festival in Seto

the third Seto International Art Festival curtain opened,
attracting millions of tourists around the world to visit.
This period of the festival to the sea rights as the theme,
invited 220 well-known artists from Japan and overseas,
the Arts Festival in spring,
summer and autumn is the three exhibition of 108 days of wonderful trip.
The spring season begins with the vernal equinox,
from March 20th to April 17th; the summer season opens from the day of the sea,
from July 18th to September 4th; the autumn extension lasts from October 8th to November 6th.
In this quiet and free Seto inland sea,
heavy traffic,
away from the noisy bustling city,
you will experience a dozen island style charm and rich cultural atmosphere,
roaming in the perfect combination of art and nature of dreams .

[South Korean star] Korean Trend of hair styling

orean micro signal: hjkorean WeChat update menu ~ sun seed,
learning cards,
daily stamp of self-help show rich and colorful content,
reply [check points] in advance 46 TOPIK generation search service! Introduction: I feel that the amount of hair is not enough? The hair is always collapsing Take a look at all the popular curly hair styles in Korean pop stars! Not only easy to take care of,
and the fashion is full of charm ~ to learn,
you can be as handsome as they sniper female heart ~! 5:5.
Thin or hair with insufficient hair,
or the more urgent men go out,
please be careful.
the men's diverse perm style special sniper heart.
5:5 volume to full of natural beauty and romantic curls and curve swallow hair,
hair collected on behalf of the recent trend of men.
5:5 # Park in 5:5.

Which one of 7 types of South Korean female group you love most

orean micro signal: hjkorean WeChat update menu ~ sun seed,
learning cards,
daily stamp of self-help show rich and colorful content,
reply [check points] in advance 46 TOPIK generation search service! Introduction: Korean idol women can be roughly divided into three categories,
personality type! Of course,
with each album theme changes,
the combination settings will change accordingly.
Let us look at these not only cute,
and emotional girl who in the end all belong to what kind of specific types! Pure girl type representative combination: Apink-GFRIEND-LOVELYZ is everyone's fantasy! It is a type that emphasizes loveliness,
charm and charm! I think I should wear a candy colored dress with a lotus leaf.
College wind type represents a combination: girlhood -Apink-GFRIEND is not a

Management software transformation depends on grandstanding, it is better to learn Cang teacher

ntertainment there is an unwritten rule,
rely on the star scandal to win media attention,
do not know from what time,
management software also began to take the entertainment line,
rely on the show to attract the attention of the industry,
is the management software market really has to end? Is the autumn grasshopper,
the last fight? Three hit play some fatigue on four May 2014 Youth Day,
Kingdee PC computer head Xu Shaochun will hit,
he relies on a mobile phone or mobile roaming.
Xu Shaochun said: all the industry finally can do to abandon the PC side.
Then Kingdee PC version of the software can be sold,
and I do not know Kingdee has not added new PC equipment in the past two years.
For the year Xu move,
T brother also very admire his courage,
although show ingredients too many,
but at

Collected works of Beijing Film Academy in the first half of 2016 (three)

Harmony knot class feeling,
after eight weeks of study,
is also a superficial understanding of this software,
and feel the powerful animation software vector.
this software is more professional and comprehensive than other similar software.
You can set up a number of working windows,
arrange the location yourself,
or you can use a lot of special effects plug-in,
you can also lip alignment.
But I think it might be due to the class a little fast,
coupled with frequent use shortcut keys that I cannot follow,
I think if we open this course teaching and hope to be able to use the screen given a shortcut form,
this may be the effect will be better.
14 - Zhou Dashun animation art contact us: Company Name: Zhe to plan (Beijing) Technology Co.
Beijing Zhe to animation official webs

Fall in love with the husband of the students, should follow the tradition, live or divorce, live for yourself?

seek your hide! This thing sounds very shameful,
I to know with my husband,
married life is dull,
not a little fuel every day,
the feeling of love.
A few days ago my husband their college classmate party,
is in another city,
I go with him,
he had a friend come over and say hello at the time,
I really love at first sight,
the eye cannot do without him,
he will see a little anxious.
After dinner he moved to KTV,
the husband drank,
his brothers had always talked to me,
if I did not mean a person,
take the time to help me get my husband back to the hotel,
we add a contact,
with pauses to chat,
my heart really is the kind of feel,
he did not marry,
I never felt like this before,
met such a love is not easy,
but I have a family,
I don't know what to do,
while the dull marriage,
if the divo

Song Xiao Xiao and Fan Shengmei have what than they are you anyway.

happy song launched,
the major public number with the news network,
every night on the line,
fancy song,
ah ~ ~ scared,
I feel I am not worth watching this kind of high-quality TV drama ah.
Until recently all tear X war come well suddenly,
with the role of role of a pile of mutual tear even,
even the author is from the end of various suspended skinner.
I think the Ode to joy as not too happy oh ~ which is certainly the most concentrated fire song Xiao voile and Fan Shengmei dispute,
after all,
even my favorite Mobile Games are not limited to ask who began to open handicap,
you support me on,
Xiao Xiao Qu support or Fan Shengmei this is to become the year 2016 mate the standard? My friend replied,
you choose your position,
your position that you visit ah ~ on,
my IQ is not f

Interesting today beginning this summer you should do the most ready...

May 5th,
the summer was separated,
and it officially entered the summer.
Are you ready for the hot season? If not,
we'll help you with it.
It's good to look down! Don't bother me.
I may have May.
no spirit,
what do not want to do.
my God! Japanese pop over hot word May in fact we say it.
In the spring and summer of May,
because the gap between ideals and reality,
and interpersonal relationship has not reached a predetermined state,
and coupled with 51 holiday syndrome after tired easily tired of emotional problems.
loss of interest,
lack of energy,
pessimism and low self evaluation are all common symptoms.
So here comes the question,
do you have any treatment? Don't worry,
the key is how to say 1.
summer 2.
summer climate features 3.

Publicity on the WeChat public number for the twenty-first Century Economic Report

nty-first Century economic report of WeChat's public number of publicity by the end of May 4,
the media approved and certified media WeChat public account has 10,
respectively as follows: Serial category name 1 official WeChat twenty-first Century economic report 2 official WeChat investment 3 Official WeChat finance 3 minutes of 4 twenty-first Century 5 WeChat official Business Review official WeChat 21 money smell collect 6 Official WeChat 21 7 official WeChat financial search company Fastcompany 8 official WeChat company official 9 WeChat cityzine 10 official WeChat City Pictorial - floating city will hereby remind the majority of Internet users recognize the media,
the public media run by WeChat,
to prevent the media false misleading posing as public deception,

What about the tech companies that have angered the world in history?

one can know.
many well-known technology companies have angered the world.
The sound of gunfire at that time was not inferior to that of today.
What happened to them? Xtecher original author: Wang Wenbin,
a miss address: www.
com WeChat ID:Xtecher 1.
Tencent 3Q war during the 4 year-end ended Tencent Pyrrhic victory as defeat in October 16,
the Supreme People's Court on Qihoo v.
Tencent Inc monopoly dispute appeal final verdicts,
dismissed all the Qihoo's request,
maintain the judgment of the court of first instance.
3Q war verdict text of up to 7.
4 words,
described in detail the legal standards.
So far,
the 3Q war,
which lasted many years,
finally came to an end.
The trial of the case has set the benchmark for competition rules and antitrust stand

Heart simple, single is simple

play music,
it has to accompany you to read.
Do a simple person,
have their own heart,
have their own principles,
to elegant turn,
please take care of yourself,
don't let it easily falling around her; please go their own way,
don't let it die twist,
the journey of life! Someone once asked me,
who is the right person for you? I said.
Give it to time.
! Time is long,
many problems,
in order to know who is sincere to you! Friends,
regardless of gender,
friends regardless of height,
talk to friends on the line,
regardless of distance,
have a heart on the line,
friends regardless of beauty and ugliness,
can see people,
regardless of wealth,
or on the line,
no matter where,
when it is difficult to reach out and help you,
this is friends.
There is no one who can not do without,

If you have rhinitis, leave it. If a friend has a rhinitis, just give it to him

s an inflammatory disease of the nasal cavity.
It is inflammation of the nasal mucosa caused by viruses,
various physical and chemical factors,
and certain systemic diseases.
The main pathological changes of rhinitis are congestion,
atrophy or necrosis of nasal mucosa.
Here are some remedies: 1 saline nasal wash for rhinitis cure my rhinitis I have rhinitis for years,
has lost the confidence of cure.
My last one: preparation of saline (100 ml bottle put two teaspoons of salt,
boiling water dilution),
use a toothpick to roll on a cotton ball dipped in salt water to wash the nostrils,
and then put the cotton wool or the persistence of the nostrils,
head upward or body flat,
with the index finger and thumb on both sides of the

Alipay WeChat really can't pay the electricity bills of the National Grid said so

the news reports before the date of the national grid recently issued a document required around the promotion of the national grid has its own payment platform e treasure,
at the same time,
the document also mentioned that the national grid is considering closing the third party payment interface charge.
In May 4th,
the State Grid responded to the news: no third party payment channels will be closed.
National Grid said in response,
e treasure is a new customer to pay electricity channels,
in the initial launch that caused widespread public concern,
the network business will be in accordance with the rules of the market,
to meet changing customer demand for services,
continue to improve the function of the platform,
to understand and support the sincere service to our customers.

Myopia saved Google new patent to the electronic eye into the eye

reported on May 5th news,
according to foreign media reports,
Google last week received a new patent technology,
the electronic eye directly into the user eyeball,
can be used for the treatment of presbyopia,
hyperopia and astigmatism common vision problems.
Last week,
the U.
patent and Trademark Office approved Google's electronic eye patent technology,
which will remove the lens from the human body,
fill the empty lens capsule with liquid,
and then add an electronic lens to the liquid.
With Google's electronic eye,
frame glasses or contact lenses will no longer be needed,
or even telescopes and microscopes will be needed,
and even the lenses needed to photograph and video can be discarded.
This computerized electronic eye can be automatically adjusted to help people see objects

hiefs of the investment community -- Chinese entrepreneurship and investment the first portal of the investment community,
they are the eyes of others,
life is the hearts of the entrepreneur mentor myth,
but they are the same Ode to joy Five as the background,
not the same origin,
but the interpretation of the same wonderful! Who do you see in them? The | aunt | PEdaily investment community planning porridge a struggle called Qiu Yingying,
there is a rule called off Juer; there is a golden spoon song called Xiao Xiao,
have a high EQ called Fan Shengmei; finally,
there is a super Curve Wrecker a road called Andy hung! If you haven't seen the Ode to joy,
aunt taught porridge you recognize a word Tu usually means [t,
the dregs of the earth.
Five girls on the 22 floor,
five personali

Mom, here's your mother's Day gift

hat? You are born to grow up from the need to spend at least 20 years in the 7300 days of your mother always care for you: at least 1042 clean room laundry 7300 times 21900 times did Fan Ni grow up,
the mother was getting old but could you even do not know what her favorite offer mothers want to always reluctant to buy the wish list to love her now! 1 mothers accustomed to work for the family,
watching them every day when they sweep and bent foot,
is very distressed.
all that can be solved with money is not a problem! Urban lazy cancer patients essential to avoid bending,
avoid touching high vacuum cleaners,
but also mother's intimate good helper.
2 who says mothers don't know hi tech? Fan,
also remote control + timing! In twenty-first Century,
electric fans that were not remo

Happy song crew, poisonous Jin Dong, Wang Kai, all in order to foil them and exist

ly hit happy song crew is said to be the original group of Langya! The most important thing is that all the men's characters exist for the 5 women! The full screen is full of gas! The Ode to joy Premiere Nirvana in Fire through the original cast! Lin is my brother! Huang Ni Princess (actor Liu Tao Andy) - this is her escort but not Lin brother,
but the two.
Jin Dong (laotan) & Zu Feng (singular point) Zu Feng is in the pretender appeared.
And Andy,
and one,
that is Nirvana in Fire.
Huangsang and Andy in the Ode to joy the father then said,
Ode to joy Jiang Xin Fan Shengmei Wuli nyonnyon feelings line is this guy named Zhang Lu,
and your husband Wang Kai kiss song Xiao Xiao,
the little beauty Wang Ziwen's feelings of the line is Wang Kai her boyfriend bestie Yao Bin,

Twelve constellation male Mensao index

e cold,
internal heat,
will make you more exciting? ARIES: Aries Mensao index: 20% boys and Mensao seems to not touch.
He is lively and enthusiastic,
pursues fresh stimulation,
but has a delicate heart.
When he shows up in front of you,
he's really interested in you.
At this time,
please do not silence again,
like the enthusiasm that you Aries,
he will soon start to your strong pursuit.
Solution: grasp the heart of woman neither friendly nor aloof,
Taurus Mensao index: 92% boys shy introverted,
even a stomach tenderness,
his face is still a silly expression.
But don't be fooled by his appearance.
He's really romantic.
Show in front of you more stiff,
the more he love you.
As long as you use eyes give him positive hint,
his confidence will be ignited,
sweet blu