[515] V movie screenings team recruitment open day Chongqing Railway Station

a quarter of an hour for WeChat ID:v_movier to feel about life.
In 2016,
the second V movie opening day,
we'll go to a city that's never been there before - Chongqing! Bayu Town,
is really a people coveted the city - whether scenery,
delicacy or woman are people,
look forward to the trip in sichuan.
At the same time,
we are looking forward to meeting with the V movie buddies here,
let us share a video of the spicy time.
The first V film of all time,
the opening day of Chongqing,
will be held in May 15th,
looking forward to your arrival! Mountain city,
here we come! Activities in this event include film screenings,
the director,
guests to share the three part.
We will be the 3 best short film screenings,
film screenings at the end of each director and producer,
will play with you

The person I care about, you really mean a lot to me

o see you as an important to you talk about a heart for you to leave space for you to miss another good lover could not resist the challenge again lies solid feeling was not indifferent to out of heart pain very sincere when no one really pay.
Very heavy afraid without being seen to trust you for a peace of mind to give you his heart do not arbitrarily perfunctory delivery to your heart don't ignore friends not to miss the day miss your lover is really precious rare trust,
trust first bought the precious friend cherish true feelings

Protect your baby from being bitten in summer

ature gradually increased,
people love to wear thin Shanmei skirt and appearance,
but accompanied by a thing has come,
it is time to have a mosquito bite dike.
Are these stewardess a bite,
a piece of red,
itching was unable to stop,
but also the risk of malaria infected.
The most hateful is the mosquitoes most like bite,
or the baby's delicate skin.
In order to protect the baby and family,
the season of spring and summer mosquito law must display.
Common method: use mosquito net,
the advantage is better effect,
the drawback is the space inside mosquito net is lesser,
if the child's small arm or crus is stuck to mosquito net,
still can be attacked.
The mosquito repellent incense has the advantage of good mosquito repellent performance,
and the disadvantage is that it is slightly poison

The five most important investments in your life are never thrown in the wrong direction

t investment in life is not a house,
not a stock,
it's a man.
The second biggest investment in life is time.
The third biggest investment in life is health.
The fourth biggest investment in life is industry.
The fifth biggest investment in life is a mate.
We focus on the following top public number,
accumulate experience,
easy work! At at at the global film information network ID:glofilm long by two-dimensional code recognition attention to create a global aggregation platform and interactive information,
the movie critic,
welcome to cooperate and contribute or invite me to participate in the premiere,
will meet! Tour trip ID:yaltu-app long by two-dimensional code recognition attention tour trip,
travel entertainment technology experts that ID:yulequannadianshi long by two-dimensional

There were people that I got sister I was moved

Author: Zhang box editor @ Chen Yuanfeng cartoonist Chen Yuanfeng's father and daughter everyday full of fatherly love is simply a warm burst anyway,
I was moved to France since the birth of a monkey,
then try to do the tree!

A 15 year old boy who made a spectacular miniature world

what were you doing when you were 15 years old? In school,
in puppy love,
or in play? We first take a look at these mini you may be surprised to! You but when you know these mini from a 15 - year-old boy when you will be more shocked!!! So the boy named Zeev Huff (ZevHoover) from Massachusetts Natick town so his mini photographs on the Internet set off a wave of frenzy so the creative ideas and the image quality of the control force caused a lot of attention to their professional photographers the boy genius to give a lot of praise so Zev works mostly in the natural environment in the creation of beautiful soft light through the late figures will be scaled down to create a fairy tale world so many miniature works express a lonely mood is probably because Zev did not

Wang Ziwen of joy is 10 months older than Tang Yan, shocked?

it's Wednesday today! In two days,
we'll be able to wave again! Even if he doesn't like the little wave wife,
he must have watched the latest fire drama Ode to joy at home.
Yesterday's gossip summary,
there is a little wife broke the news that Wang Ziwen suspected of having a son (transmission door: White Lotus star play big name! Tao Tao forgot the account number,
he gave himself confession,
act like a spoiled brat! Of course,
this is an unconfirmed gossip.
(do we need to check?) But today,
with everyone 8th Qu Xiao Xiao Wang Ziwen,
is honest about her real age through the clouds! Please look at the details of the program: (no traffic is not convenient to see the little wife directly see the text show!) Speaking of Wang Ziwen,
perhaps not all people know that her former name is Wang M